Our mission

Welcome to Veganbase. We care about the planet we live in. We believe that making veganism mainstream will help to address the world’s biggest social and environmental problems.

We want plant based products to be easy to find and accessible, so we brought them all together into one place, Veganbase.com.

We want to promote vegan entrepreneurship. We bring together vegan companies and businesses so they can easily find each other and cooperate.

We want to promote vegan lifestyle. That’s why we created a guide that will lead you to all the vegan places around the world.

  • At Veganbase you can easily discover vegan products.
  • At veganbase you can promote your vegan business and organisation.
  • Together we can help and inspire others to follow a vegan lifestyle.
  • Join us and help us building a vegan community platform for a better future.
  • Become a member, add new products and collect points.

What is Veganbase?

Veganbase is a young online community discovering, sharing and discussing the world’s best vegan products, businesses and lifestyle.

You can add your favourite products to Veganbase and each time one is published, you will be awarded some Veganbase points.

Lovin’ it

When you see 💚 green love hearts around Veganbase, you can use them to show your love for products. This will help Veganbase draw more attention to the best products, and also rewards the people who discovered them.

We’ll also keep track of the stuff you love, and make it easier for you to find later.

Your wishlist

Veganbase lets you add items to your wishlist. You can build up a list of things you want to try, and even share your list with others.

We’ll also count how many people add things to their wishlists to help decide on product popularity. We plan to share this information with brands to encourage them to make their products available in more places.


When something interesting happens on Veganbase, we’ll let you know about it with a little icon in the top bar of the site. Hover over the icon to see the list of notifications, and click them to jump right to the product.

Join in today

Join Veganbase today:

  1. Add your first product
  2. Browse the site using the tags to the left
  3. Use the Search bar to discover new Vegan products
  4. Visit the Homepage to see what’s hot right now

If you notice something wrong, please let us know.